Aria's Transformation


«Scene: Terrane has been defeated. Aria, Fae, and the Hero stand near her»

Terrane: Well done! I'm impressed.

«Terrane glows and returns to her normal shape, holding the Nature Orb»

Terrane: And I think you've proven you can handle this.

«Aria closes her eyes and glows until the screen becomes completely white. When the glows fades, she is still glowing and holding the Nature Orb»

Aria: Ohhh, wow.
Aria: This IS strong! And I can feel it bringing my own powers into focus.
Aria: I feel like I can…

«Aria glows again and transforms into a more human shape»

Aria: MUCH better! I feel like myself again.

Hero: Well. ALMOST. You've still got a few details to clean up.

Aria: No, I like myself this way. I feel like this is how I should have been all along.
Aria: I just didn't realize it until I had the ability to choose.

«Scene moves out to show Terrane floating nearby»

Terrane: And there's still so much more for you to learn.
Terrane: Stay, Aria.

Aria: Thank you!
Aria: But… I really just want to go HOME now.
Aria: I miss my shop. And my town. And my FRIENDS.

«Terrane nods and then disappears, living a portal to Aria's Pet Shoppe behind»

Terrane: Then go, for now.
Terrane: And when you're ready, this path will be open for you.

«Scene fades»

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