Aria (Cutscene)


«Scene: black screen»

Hero: Aria!

«Scene fades in»

«Scene: the Hero standing in a twisted forest»

Hero: Aria, don't be scared! I'm not going to hurt you!

«Scene: Aria»

Aria: Scared?
Aria: Why would I be scared?

Hero: Well, I… did just fight back hordes of reshapen Darkblood.
Hero: It would be an understandable concern.

Aria: You may have defeated them, but I am so much more than they are.

«Aria moves forward»

Aria: You would not stop me so easily.

Hero: I mean, yeah… I can see that. But…
Hero: But why? What makes you so different?
Hero: Why does Kolyaban's "reshaping" have such a different result when it happens to a human?

Aria: You're too arrogant to see what's right in front of you.
Aria: I didn't become… this… because I was human.
Aria: Kolyaban gave me this form because I am the Champion of Nature.

Hero: …What?!

Aria: Kolyaban could see it, even though I could not… even though my friends could not.
Aria: She is the only one who has ever recognized my potential…
Aria: …who has ever seen me more than a mere shopkeeper.
Aria: And for that, she has my loyalty.
Aria: I will fight you.
Aria: I will destroy you.
Aria: And then Kolyaban and her followers will pave the way for the arrival of the Queen of Monsters.

«Scene fades»

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