Pet Shop Owner
Welcome to Battleon, Hero! Spring is here, and I’ve found some unhatched eggs. I think they may have pets inside them! I sure could use your help to make them hatch. Are you up for a quest today?

How Do I Start?
Good question! Here’s what you’ll need to do to hatch a new pet!
1) Buy 1 of the eggs from my Egg Shop.
2) Begin 1 of the quests that match your egg type. Turn it in and save the Flame rewards you get.
3) Come back on Wednesday. My friend Cabdury will send you on a quest for a special Hammer.
4) Merge your Egg, the Flames from my quests, and Cabdury’s Hammer to hatch your pet!

Egg Hatching?
The only thing I don’t have that we need is a Hammer to cracked the hardened Egg Shell! My friend Cabdury will arrive in Battleon this Wednesday. Return then and he’ll send you on a quest for a special egg-hammer. Then use the egg, flames, and hammer in the Pet Hatching Shop to get your new pet!

- Egg Quests
- Egg Shop
- Hatch Pets
- Pets of Lore Quests
- Get Hammer


Note: Also see Aria and Lucky.

Thanks to ANGELO13542, captain pearl, Rainha das Trevas, Rare, Retic, Rsrdaman, Shaggy McParker and zenron the great.

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