Argyron's Quests

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Quest Location: Twilight
Quests Begun From: Argyron

My fellow Arachnids and I are currently constructing a massive web that we hope will one day span across the entire world. This may seem sill to some, but this web would allow every Arachnid in the world to communicate with one another. It would allow us to better understand the world around us with hopes of living in a peaceful society one day. Won't you help us achieve this dream? Collect 4 bundles of Interweb from our enemies: the Dreadspiders!

Items Required:


  • 200 Gold
  • 200 Exp

Thanks to Dragarr.

Quest Location: Tunnel
Quests Begun From: Argyron

The Dreadspider Army is at it again! A new tunnel has been formed just beyond Gressil's nest, leading to who knows where. Explore this passageway and bring me 3 Tunnel Samples from the creatures you find within so that I can take into account any new threats.

Items Required:


  • 350 Gold
  • 300 Exp

Thanks to Hina.

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