Archillius Webcrick's Quest

Quest Location: Necropolis Cavern
Quests Begun From: Archillius Webcrick
Note: This quest can only be completed once.

Requirements: Must have completed the 'Blinded by the Darkness' quest

Weberich, famous author of Sepulchure's tale, lingers here in the depths of the Necropolis. Restore his tools to him and perhaps he'll have another tale to tell! Bring him 5 vials of Shadow Ink from imps, 1 Inkstone from the Shadowstones, and hunt for his quill and 3 parchments!

Items Required:

  • Shadow Ink Obtainted x5
  • Inkstone Obtained
  • Quill Found
    • Click on the arrows around the screens
  • Parchment Retrieved x3
    • Click on the arrows around the screens


  • 1,400 Gold
  • 1,400 Exp
  • 1,400 Rep: DoomWood

Thanks to Rich Wind.

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