Archillius Webcrick

Archillius Webcrick
I, Archillius, Chronicler to Kings and Emperors, have fallen far in life and deeper in death than I would ever imagined. But the tales I told, the histories I scribed, yet live on; my immortality is assured! I do despair of picking up a quill again, though. As you see, I am an old man, but my mind is strong. I would write again, but need the tools to return to my trade.

"In Sandsea's sandy silence, all alone, stands a pyramid, which which far off throws the only shadow that the desert knows. The scrolls it holds contain truths no one knows… before I wrote! "I am the great Archillius, Scribe of Scribes; look on my words, ye mighty, and despair!" Now the City's gone, naught but the scrolls remain, and they disclose the wonders of forgotten paragons."

"I wondered; now you Heroes may express wonder like mine, when in the wilderness where Doomwood stood, defending the Light's right, you hear Sepulchure's tale, and stop to guess at the power of this unrepentant Knight who can no more continue his Dark fight."

- Archillius Webcrick's Quest

Location: Necropolis Cavern


Thanks to Rich Wind.

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