ArchFiend Spear


Location: ArchFiend Warlord Merge - Tercessuinotlim

Sellback: 0 AC
Rarity: Awesome Rarity
Base Damage: 27-33
Base Level: 80
Description: Nulgath lets out a mighty guffaw. "Hero, this spear is a very special one, it changes to its' owners will allowing them to make it take any color they desire. However..the soul that resides in this weapon is a powerful one, don't listen to it..or it will consume you!"

  • Glow is Color Custom to Eye Color.
  • Spear is Color Custom to Base Color.
  • Hilt Spikes are Color Custom to Accessory Color.
  • When equipped, this item does 30% more damage to all monsters.
  • Inscription translates to "FOX".

Thanks to Bad.

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