Arcana Invoker Resource Shop

Location: Arcana Particle (NPC) - Arcana (Location)

Name Price
misc.png 1 - The Magician's Desire acsmall.png Staff of Inversion (Staff) x1,
BattleMage Armor (Non-AC) x1,
Nightlocke War Staff x1,
Calamitous Warlic's Tome x1
misc.png 10 - Wheel of Fortune's Destiny acsmall.png Lucky Pet x1,
Second Chance Coin x10,
Treasure Chest (Misc) x250,
Ultra Lobthulu's Fortune x100
misc.png 11 - Strength's Fortitude acsmall.png Enchanted Martial Artist's Gi x1,
Strong Axe of Golmoth x1,
Fortitude Tonic x11,
Strong Drag's Intact Wing x11
misc.png 12 - The Hanged Man's Discernment acsmall.png Chained Rune Bonebreaker x1,
Noble Sacrifice x1,
The Answer x1,
Astero's Insight x12
misc.png 13 - Death's Mortality acsmall.png Death's Oversight x10,
Death Pit Arena Medal x250,
Enchanted DeathKnight x1,
Super Death's Scythe Fragment x13
misc.png 14 - Temperance's Frugality acsmall.png Celestial Wings of Guiding x1,
Blessed Coffee Cup x1,
Northern Crown x10,
Azkorath's Wing x14
misc.png 15 - Devilish Temptation acsmall.png Fiendish Outlaw x1,
Fiendish Remains x50,
Glass Horns x1,
Fiend Champion's Spike x15
misc.png 16 - The Tower's Upheaval acsmall.png Earth Stone x500,
Dragon Runestone x20,
Arcangrove Tower House x1,
Nevanna's Revelation x16
misc.png 17 - The Star's Hope acsmall.png Star Scrap x500,
Rising Star Token x116,
Dark Stars x1,
Star Sapphire Fragment x17
misc.png 18 - The Moon's Illusion acsmall.png Moon Rock Fragments x300,
Blood Moon Warrior x1,
Celestial Khopesh x1,
The Moon's Reflection x18
misc.png 19 - The Sun's Optimism acsmall.png Golden Sun Seal x190,
Sun Zone Chit x190,
Armor of the Sun x1,
The Sun's Enlightenment x19
misc.png 2 - The High Priestess' Intuition acsmall.png Dishpan Cleric Costume x1,
Chaotic Healer x1,
Battle Cleric of the Dragon x1,
Amia's Cult Secret x2
misc.png 20 - Judgement's Absolution acsmall.png Trumpet x1,
Judgment Tonic x20,
Enchanted Lance of Doom Reborn x1,
Minos' Sentence x20
misc.png 21 - The World's Voyage acsmall.png Darkon's Receipt x22,
Teeth x22,
La's Gratitude x22,
Astravian Medal x22,
A Melody x22,
Bandit's Correspondence x22,
Suki's Prestige (Misc) x22,
Ancient Remnant x22,
Mourning Flower x22,
Unfinished Musical Score x22
misc.png 3 - The Empress' Initiative acsmall.png Queen's Sage Scythe x1,
ShadowFlame Empress x1,
Fragment of the Queen x10,
Empress' Finger's Ring x3
misc.png 4 - The Emperor's Authority acsmall.png King Klunk's Crown x1,
Crowned Skull of Na'al x1,
Zealous Crown x1,
Lich Emperor's Catalyst x4
misc.png 5 - The Hierophant's Servitude acsmall.png Divine Elixir x55,
Blessed Abezeth x1,
Inquisitor of the Light x1,
Chaos Weaver Cleric's Doctrine x5
misc.png 6 - The Lovers' Embrace acsmall.png Love Token x666,
Time Heart x166,
Storm Heart x6,
Mercutio's Heart x66
misc.png 7 - The Chariot's Triumph acsmall.png Racing Trophy x300,
Sphinx Sentinel x1,
Dread Deadmoor BattleAxe x1,
SMU Brutalcorn's Horn x77
misc.png 8 - Justice's Righteousness acsmall.png Ouroboros Scale x88,
Libran Scales x1,
Akriloth's Scale x888,
ArchFiend DragonKnight's Scale x8
misc.png 9 - The Hermit's Solitude acsmall.png Fa's Gamer Fuel x99,
ARTX 3090 Controller x1,
Soulseeker's Grim Hood x1,
Nothing's Solus x999

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