Arcadion (Cutscene)


RPG: You have done well, hero. Here is the new Crown of Winter-een-mas.

«RPG pops up a new crown and gives it to Hero»

RPG: You must now return to AQWorlds. You have many quests to complete.

«Hero drops through clouds»

«Black screen»

Lilah: I think your pal is coming around.

Lucas: *mumbling* No Lawsuit, No Lawsuit, No Lawsuit.

«Scene: Warehouse with Lucas, Lilah, Hero on the ground, Ethan and Zeke»

Ethan: Hey! You're back!

Zeke: That brain damage probably shortened your already laughably short lifespan.

Hero: Oh man. My head.

Lilah: I'm really sorry about all this. He just really gets into Winter-een-mas.

Zeke: Holy Mod Chips, LOOK!

«Hero raises crown»
«Ethan takes and puts on the crown»

Ethan: You have done well, hero. Winter-een-mas is saved. Your king is pleased.

Lilah: It's a Winter-een-mas miracle!!!

Lucas: Uh… Happy Winter-een-mas everyone!

Ethan: Let's go play Halo!

«Scene fades»

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