AQW Zombies


  • Doom Haven - click on the "Cut 1" button next to the war meter

«Scene: the Hero stands on top of a cliff in front of Swordhaven Castle»

Legend foretold…

A Hero will rise…

AdventureQuest Worlds

«The Hero raises their weapon in the air»

The 13 Lords of Chaos

«The above text, The 13 Lords of Chaos, is then crossed out and disappears.»

Hero: Huh? I thought for sure I'd be struck by lightning.
Hero: Guess I am perfectly safe!

«Zombies crawl up the side of the cliff»

«Scene: Zombies stand on the cliff»


AdventureQuest Worlds

The final battle between Good and Evil is about to begin. The DoomKnight Sepulchure is leading his undead army in a final attack against good King Alteon at Swordhaven.

«Scene: Sepulchure's flying castle appears above Swordhaven Castle»

«Scene fades»

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