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Player Equipment & Quests

  1. "When will X be released? When will X go rare?"
  2. What is the drop rate of X? Does it still drop?
    • Unless the staff specifically announce the drop rate of an item, we don't know it. If an item isn't dropping, check the wiki to make sure that the item isn't rare and that you're fighting the right monsters.
    • Skills and the luck stat don't affect the drop rate (despite what the skill says when you hover your cursor over it). There's nothing you can do to change an item's drop rate.
  3. Can I wear my Legend items after my upgrade expires? What will happen to them?
    • No. All Legend items will be unequipped. If you are using a Legend weapon, it will be swapped with the Default Sword. If you are using a Legend class, it will be swapped with No Class. Your items won't be deleted — they will stay in your inventory, but you can't use them until you're a Legend again.
  4. What will happen to my Legend house/house items when I expire?
    • If you have a Legend house, the house will be removed and replaced by Cottage, which unequips all house items. As with normal equipment, you will still have all your houses/house items, but you will be unable to use the Legend ones unless you re-upgrade.
    • However, if you have a non-legend/AC house equipped when you expire, the house and all house items will stay equipped, even the Legend ones.
  5. What does "Rare" mean?
    • In Artix Entertainment games, a "rare" item is something you can't obtain anymore. But don't worry! If you missed the item the first time around and you still really want it, you can still get it through an Item of Digital Awesomeness.
    • Seasonal items, on the other hand, do return. They are released during one of our in-game holiday celebrations, but after the celebration is over, you will have to wait until next year's holiday celebration to get the item again.
  6. What is the best weapon in the game?
    • There is no best weapon — the only major difference is the way they look. Some weapons are different from normal weapons and have "unstable" ranges, such as some of Nulgath's weapons. However this does not mean they are better. Some classes are suited for a stable range while others are suited for an unstable one. It comes down to the preference of each individual player and the enhancements used.
  7. Why are most pets Legend/AC? Can I get a free player pet?
    • Pets are meant to be for paying players. However, there are some free player pets. Here's a list.
  8. When are the skills unlocked? What is the 6th blank attack for?
    • Skills are unlocked at ranks 2, 3, and 5, and most classes have passive skills at ranks 4 and 10 — check the Classes pages for more information. The 6th skill is used for Potions and Scrolls. It is important to note that when you sell a class, you lose the rank you have with it. Storing a class in your bank does not affect the rank that you currently have.
  9. How much Exp/Rep do I need to level/rank up?
  10. Why are some of the quests in red and why can't I accept them?
    • If a quest is in red, it means you have not unlocked it yet. If you click on the quest, it should say in red at the top why you can't accept it. Some require you to unlock or complete other quests or reach a certain point in the storyline and some quests have a level or reputation level requirement. They might be Legend or require you to have an item in order to accept it. Daily and monthly quests, like the Free Member Magic Keys quest, can only be done once per day/month.
  11. What enhancements work best with X class?
    • Here are some quick tips:
    • If the class description recommends Healer, Spellbreaker, or Wizard, use Wizard enhancements
    • If the class description recommends Fighter, Thief, or Luck, use Luck enhancements (except for Frostval Barbarian and DoomKnight, which should use Fighter)
    • Certain classes can reach the dodge threshold for maximum avoidance if using Thief such as Chrono Assassin, Horc Evader, and Leprechaun
  12. Does changing my alignment affect my items and reputation?
    • No. However, you won't be able to access alignment-locked shops and item.
  13. I need to find someone that has X so I can do/finish a quest! Can someone meet me in-game?
    • You can look around popular places such as Yulgar's Inn or Battleon to see if people have the pet you're looking for. Often, there will also be people with the pet equipped at farming spots for the items required for the quests.
  14. How do I beat the /Dance Dance game? It's so hard!
    • There is no easy way to beat it. Just keep trying and eventually you will beat it. If you feel the game is lagging, turn the graphics down to low and play on "Tiny" screen size. If you think that you still aren't be able to beat the mini-game, try searching on sites like Youtube to see how others beat the mini-game.


  1. Can I be a moderator?
    • Positions for AQW Game Moderators are available occasionally, but there are pre-requisites and a resume has to be submitted. For full details check the Want to become a Moderator or Staff Member? Please remember that this is for Game Moderators only, which is an entirely different position from the Forum Moderator and ArchKnights. There are never any forms to fill out for an AE Forum Moderator or AK position as the Staff will approach you, not the other way round.
  2. Somebody told me they needed my password! / Someone said they could hack/delete/ban my account! What do I do?
    • Report them immediately. (See below for details on using the in-game report function.) NEVER give away your information to anybody. The people that claim they can hack or delete your account cannot do so unless you give them your password. Only moderators who have a gold name in-game, can ban your account (and they never ban for no reason). Refer to this Help Page for more information on how to protect your account. If they're still pestering you after you told them no, go ahead and use the /ignore command to ignore them.
    • While on that topic, there is no such thing as an undercover moderator. If a person doesn't have a gold name, they're not a mod. AE staff will NEVER ask you for your password — they DO NOT need it to modify your account (and can look it up anyways). For a list of Artix Entertainment Staff, please refer to the Portal Site for more information.
    • If you'd like to verify whether the player is an in-game moderator, simply click on their character and avatar in game, then select 'Moderator?' — a pop-up will appear to let you know of their identity.
  3. How do I report a hacker? What about someone who is swearing?
    • There are several methods you can use to bring up the report menu in-game:
    • You can click on their character and then on their character portrait (which appears next to yours in the upper left corner of the game), and then choose "Report" from the options on the list which appears.
    • You can open the list of players in the room by clicking the "U" button which makes the list of players in the room appear in the center of your screen. Click on the player in questions name and then choose "Report" from the options on the list which appears.
    • You can open the list of players in the room by clicking the arrow next to the room name in the lower right corner. Click on the player in question's name and then choose "Report" from the options on the list which appears.
    • Type /report <player name> into the chat to automatically bring up the same report window. For example, if you need to report someone named "Player Name" you would type: "/report Player Name".
  4. I keep getting logged out/disconnected. What should I do!?
    • To begin, check this Help Page. It lists the stuff which are looked into often, but there are several other factors that might affect your connection. First, you might have a bad connection to your internet. If this is the case, simply reconnect to your network. If this does not work, try playing using Medium or Low quality graphics and turning off pets and sound. (You can do all this by clicking on the button towards the lower-right corner with the gears on it.) If that doesn't work, try clearing your cache.
    • If you get a sixty-second disconnect, it only means that you were clicking on the skills too quickly, spam-clicking buttons, or doing something else the server doesn't like. You won't get banned for hacking if you weren't.
  5. What is the best place to farm for Gold / Class Points / Experience / Rep?
    • Sorry, we don't currently have a guide for this right now.
  6. How do I tell/PM someone with a space in their name? How do I talk using party chat? How do I turn off party chat? What are the other commands/emotes that can be used in-game?
    • First, type the player's name, followed by " > ". So, it would be something like this: "Player Name > Hi!".
    • To turn on party chat, type /p and then press the spacebar. To turn off party chat, type either /1 or /s and then press the spacebar.
    • For more information on all the commands that are available in-game, please refer to the Commands & Canned Chat page.
  7. Someone used an acronym or term I don't recognize. What does it mean?
  8. How can I find my AQW character ID?
    • You can purchase a house. Your character ID will be the number at the bottom-right corner where the room number usually is.
    • Or if you've linked your AQW account to a Master Account, log in to your Master Account, click "My Games" and click your AQW account name under "Account Info and Upgrades". Your character ID will be the numbers following "guid=" in the URL
  9. How and where do I enhance a weapon? What about a helm or a cape?
    • There are lots of enhancement shops in Lore. You can find some in the Game Menu. You can enhance weapons, classes, helms, and capes.


For more information regarding payment, take a look at this help page.

  1. How can I be a Founder? What is an Upholder, and how do I become one? How about Beta Testers?
    • Only Legends who upgraded their account during the first month of AQW became Founders. You can no longer become a Founder; if you upgrade now, you will NOT become a Founder.
    • The Upholder badges are given annually during the AQW Birthday event. Each Upholder has its own unique items, which don't return, unlike the Sentinel set, which does.
    • Beta Testers are people who verified their accounts and played AQW during the Beta testing phase (around September-October 2008). Beta characters are characters that were created during or before that time. You can no longer become a Beta tester or make a Beta character.
  2. Can I purchase ACs without purchasing an upgrade?
  3. Can I get ACs without paying for them?
  4. Can I stack/combine upgrades? That is, can I buy two 3-month packages to be upgraded for 6 months?
    • Yes, you can. Click the "Renew your Membership" link in the Account Manager. Follow the steps to purchase another upgrade, and the newly-purchased subscription should be added on to your existing upgrade.
  5. How do I use an Artix Entertainment Retail Upgrade Card to purchase an AQWorlds upgrade or ACs?
    • Log in to your Master Account. If you don't have one already, register.
    • Link your AQW account to your Master Account, if you haven't already. Then, click "Redeem Codes" in the navbar.
    • From there, enter and submit your code.
    • Click "My Games" in the navbar and select your AQW account. Then, select the package you want to purchase.
  6. Can I use my AdventureQuest upgrade card on AQW? The instructions say it will only work with AQ, DF, or MQ.
    • Yes, it will. All Artix Entertainment upgrade cards, regardless of whether or not AQW is listed on them, can get you membership or ACs.

Game Accounts

  1. My account has been hacked/stolen! What do I do?
    • We cannot help you on the wiki. You must use the official help pages in order to get your account back. Follow the directions and instructions. Please supply as much information as you can, too.
  2. When I try to log in, it says my account is locked/disabled! What should I do?
    • Chances are, if your account has been disabled, you were reported for breaking the rules and were banned by a moderator. Ban lengths will usually be for 24 hours, 3 days, or one week, though permanent bans are possible for repeat offenders or serious violations. If you were caught cheating or hacking, your account is banned permanently and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
    • If your account has been locked, you should refer to the AQW Help Pages. Screenshot proof can be provided for any ban longer than 24 hours. Please do NOT contact a forum moderator or Archknight about AQW bans. Likewise, posting about your locked account will only get you directed back to the aforementioned help page.
  3. How do I verify my email?
    • Go to the Account Manager and log in. Check the "Account Email" section and request a verification.
    • You will receive an email shortly. Follow its instructions and you will receive a success email once your email verification is complete.
    • You can only verify your email if you are thirteen years old or older. If you are over thirteen now but were not when you created your account, you can verify your email by clicking "Change Email" in the Account Manager and entering your email address.
  4. How do I verify my account, and what do I get if I do? How do I un-verify my account?
    • Follow the instructions here. Please note that verifying an account does not make you a Legend in AQW; that is a separate payment.
    • To un-verify your Account, go to the Account Verification Problems Help Page. It may take a few days, but your account should un-verify. Once you have un-verified your account, you will no longer be able to access the shops in the Guardian Tower, and any items you bought from the Verification Shops will be deleted.
  5. How can I delete my account?
    • Go to the Account Manager and log in. On the left side of the screen, you will a "Delete Account" link. Click on it. BE CAREFUL! If you delete your account and then wish to make a new one, make sure you UN-VERIFY ANY OTHER ACCOUNTS LINKED TO THAT ACCOUNT, or you will have problems!
  6. Can I recover lost items?
  7. Can I trade/sell my account?


  1. I have a great suggestion for AQWorlds. Where can I post it?
  2. How do I change my alignment?
    • You have to talk to a faction NPC and click the "X Reputation" and then "Switch to X" buttons in order to change your alignment. You'll then have buy an item that costs 100,000 gold to change your alignment. You can do this as many times as you wish.
    • Talk to King Alteon in Swordhaven Castle (/join castle) to change to Good.
    • Talk to Gravelyn (NPC) in Shadowfall (/join shadowfall) to change to Evil.
    • Talk to Cemaros in Crownsreach (/join crownsreach) to change to Chaos.
  3. What are the character page badges that are currently available?
    • Here is a list of all currently available character page badges.
  4. How do you get to character pages? What does everything mean?
    • You can get to your character's page by going on the game and clicking on any character's (including yours) profile at the top left corner after you click on that character. You can also use the search bar.
    • Character pages also show your items in your inventory. If it is an AC item, it is shown in orange. If it is a Legend item, it is shown in purple. There are also various symbols written next to your armor showing the type of item it is. Here is a list of what they are and what they mean (Accessories, Use Items and Wands currently do not have their own icons).
    • Armor: armor.gif
    • Cape: cape.gif
    • Class: class.gif
    • Floor Item: flooritem.gif
    • Helm: helm.gif
    • House: house.gif
    • Misc. Item: item.gif
    • Pet: pet.gif
    • Wall Item: wallitem.gif
    • Axe: axe.gif
    • Bow: bow.gif
    • Dagger: dagger.gif
    • Gun: gun.gif
    • Mace: mace.gif
    • Polearm: polearm.gif
    • Staff: staff.gif
    • Sword: sword.gif
  5. How can I reduce lag while I'm playing?
    • To start, close other programs that you don't need to have open. Make sure you don't have very many windows or tabs open, and if you do, make sure none of them are running Flash applications (that includes YouTube videos). Having extra programs open and having additional Flash programs/videos playing will only take up your computer's processing power and make AQW slower on your computer. You can also speed up the game by playing in a smaller window. Just simply zoom in and out of your browser by holding "Ctrl and +/-" (for Mac users — "Command and +/-"). Make sure your game window is not selected, or else you won't be able to zoom in and out with those shortcuts.
    • Make sure you have the newest flash player upgrade. To download the latest version, click here.
    • Additionally, you can open the Options window in-game (click the button towards the lower-right corner with the gears on it) and adjust your graphics and turn off animations or capes/pets.
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