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Other good places to look into are the Player Handbook, the AQW Guides Forum, the AQW Help Pages and the Legends of Lore pages. Please check these links and the FAQ to see if your question has already been answered.

For new players who just started, visit the How to Play! Guide which contains useful information on the basics you need to know for the game. For the quickest guide on the storyline that is available, open your Book of Lore and click on "Story". The Story walkthrough guide has all the details on storyline which has been released.

For returning players, check out the Chronicle of Releases page to see what you've missed during the period of time you're away!

Player Equipment & Quests

Most of the time, no one on the forums know as we're not the staff. The ONLY time that we would know is if there is an announcement by the staff. AQW typically has new releases on Fridays, but there's no guarantee that something will be released on a particular Friday. So only the AQW staff know what will happen with each new release, unless they announce the release — in which case, you'd know about it, too. We don't know what will happen in the future, whether it be concerning classes, areas or items. Stay updated by reading the AQWorlds Design Notes. If you'd like to know the latest releases, check out the New Releases page, which is updated by the fellow AQW players after a major release.


Positions for AQW Game Moderators are available occasionally, but there are pre-requisites and a resume has to be submitted. For full details check the Want to become a Moderator or Staff Member? Please remember that this is for Game Moderators only, which is an entirely different position from the Forum Moderator and ArchKnights. There are never any forms to fill out for an AE Forum Moderator or AK position as the Staff will approach you, not the other way round.


For more information regarding payment, take a look at this Help Page.

Only legends who upgraded their account during the first month of AQW became Founders. You can no longer become a founder; if you upgrade now, you will NOT become a founder.

The upholder badges are given annually during the AQW Birthday period and once it's gone, the specific upholder badge and items will never return again until the next year, which will give a different badge and item.
The 1st upholder page, the 2nd upholder page as well as the 3rd upholder page has all the information about the Upholders. There's a limited period in which you can become one, and all three have been rare.

Beta Testers are people who verified their accounts and played AQW during the Beta Testing phase (around September-October 2008). Beta Characters are characters that were created during or before that time. You can no longer become a Beta Tester or a Beta Character.

VIP, also known as Very Important Player, are people who have upgraded their account on or after July 21st, 2011 with the 12 month/1 year AQW Legendship package (or the HeroSmash Legendship package, where you needed to have your HeroSmash account linked to your AQW account via the Artix VIP Membership Info page. It is no longer possible to get AQW Legendship via Herosmash).

Game Accounts

We cannot help you on the wiki. You must use the AQW Help Pages in order to get your account back. Follow the directions and instructions. Please supply as much information as you can, too.
Read Scam Awareness for more tips on how to secure your account.


If you would like to make a suggestion, please do so in the AQWorlds Suggestions Forum, in the proper thread. If there is no appropriate thread for your suggestion, it means that the AQW team isn't taking those kinds of suggestions, so please hold on to them for now. Please remember to read the rules of posting and the first thread of each thread before posting.

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