High Priest of the Black Hole Sun
You fought so well, and so bravely… no other could do what you have. It is my duty to see see you enter the 4th Dimensional Pyramid, fulfill the prophecy, and come out alive,but the creatures of the Black Hole Sun still swarm the dunes. It is not safe for you the enter yet, not when they could attack you from behind, and while we know so little about them. There is something that could aid you… I must search for it. Return to me soon.

I am sure you have many questions. I will answer what I can… but we don't have much time. You can see the creatures just over the event horizon.

Event Horizon?
As we approach the edge of the Black Hole Sun (what we call an event horizon), space and time are distorted. I understand that on other worlds, in other universes, those approaching an event appear red due to the nature of their light. Here, in OUR universe, the light shifts to white. You will see this change in the creatures you battle.

There IS a prophecy, but now is not the time to go into it in detail. Trust that it concerns you, but the wording is… twisty. It would take more time than we have to discuss it.

Black Hole Sun?
An ancient bard composed a song. It resonates with me today. (I wonder if HE knew of the prophecy?)

What Song?
Dark the skies, no one knows / and the magic starts to flow / Hide your face, raise the stakes / the world's about to break / Light turns dark, like my dread / 'Neath the black the sky looks dead / Hero's lost, Hero's found / Will the sun shine e'er again? Black hole sun / Here it comes / and with it comes the pain / Black hole sun / don't you come / don't you come.

- Anubyx's Quests
- Black Hole War Merge
- Black Hole War Chest

Location: Black Hole Sun

Thanks to Eldant, Harrison and Rare.

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