Annie Star

Queen of the West
Hello, sugar. Really wish I could help you out right now, but my shift is just about over and I haven't yet collected my tips! Help me out first and I'll be more willing to help you too, sweetie.

Ask about J6
Please help me get my tips first and then I'll tell you anything you'd like to know.

Questions & Answers

  • When J6 was last spotted?
    • The last time I heard anything about J6 was when I was tending the bar over on Westion. But that was ages ago, sugar.
  • Who saw J6 last?
    • Dunno who last saw J6 , sweetie. But I gatta make a a cup o' Joe for the pianist over there! He looks like he needs that caffeine boost!
  • What did J6 steal?
    • Left socks! He has stolen thousands! Er wait, was that Cysero? Wouldn't stealing something valuable like crystalized dragon breath or a vault full of Gold be more profitable… or rational?
  • What is J6's weapon of choice?
    • Those colts of his are more like stallions… with just as much horsepower hidden behind those triggers!
  • What is J6's eye color?
    • I think J6's eyes are similar in color to that of Cysero's robes. But I'm not too sure— I haven't seen that man in ages!
  • What is J6's class?
    • Is "Heartbreaker" a class yet? Well it should be— that thieving J6 stole my heart years ago…

- Annie Star's Quest

Location: Saloon
Note: Also see Alexia.


Thanks to Ashley_1.

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