Guardian Prinsesa
Walk no further and smother any draconic ambitions you may carry! This isn't a place for mortals! Oh? You were merely curious about the pillar of smoke rising from this volcano? My apologies, most would not approach the epicenter of danger unless they were looking to loot or worse. But maybe, you're just the right person to help quell the fury of our Guardian Dragon, Kalayo. For those with enough skill, his enchanted form, Kasuko.

Kalayo is a dragon that has come to nest in the caldera of this volcano. Though hatched far away, on the shores of my homeland, it has taken on a divine duty. It prevents intruders from blemishing the pure flames in the volcano with their mortal follies. But, each time it slays an intruder, it desires recompense. Either its fury is quelled with an honorable duel, or it exterminates all of the intruders' kind.

Lavarock Bay
This volcano has been clouding the skies for ages. If one were to make it past the guardian dragon into the depths, they will find a fiery scar. It is the volcano's wound, which forces it to stay violently active. Those who bathe in the lava that spews from this gash will become dragons that rival the power of Kalayo. Even one intruder succeeding would be disastrous for both humans and dragons.

My people sailed Kalayo to the volcano when they were just a hatchling. We made it our duty to help keep intruders at bay. But, an intruder did get past us, and the dragon turned them to ash. To pay for our mistake and protect the innocent from the dragon's wrath, one of us must duel them. My training is not finished, however, so I must ask of you this favor. Please, duel Kalayo!

Kasuko's Forge
Dueling Kalayo is a sacred obligation my people have accepted. My father also saw an opportunity to reward his most skilled and experienced warriors. He asked his mages to cast a spell on our guardian dragon, to make it even more powerful. Heroes who can defeat its stronger form, Kasuko, will be able to forge fiery versions of the Blade of Awe, Necrotic Sword of Doom, and Blinding Light of Destiny.

- Anina's Quests
- Battle Kasuko

- Anina's Quests
- Lavarock Merge



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