Andesi Introduction


  • Triggers when first reached Screen 11 - Basani

«Hero enters the Mill in Basani, gets ambushed»

Flint: GET HIM!

Andesi: STOP! Lay off, guys! That's not Xan!
Andesi: Sorry about that. We've been hiding in here since the fires started. We're all a little wound up.

Hero: That's understandable. Actually, I'm kind of impressed. If you hadn't called them off I'd just be one big bruise by now.
Hero: Your mom, Scoria, sent me to find you, to make sure that you're OK.

Andesi: We're OK. Not hurt but scared. I've been able to keep them calm but some of these kids are really little.
Andesi: we all want to be back with our familie.

Hero: I'll do what I can. I just need to find out why Xan is attacking this village.

Andesi: I'm not sure he has a reason.

«Change scene, Xan riding a Lava Wave»

He came into town riding on a wave of lava and laughing.


Seeing someone riding a wave of lava toward your town is pretty freaky but it was his laugh that really scared me.

He started throwing fireballs and summoning fire monsters out of the lava!

«Back at the Mill»

Andesi: The weird thing is that Xan didn't actually HIT anyone. He could have… a few of us got a little toasty… but we all made it into the mill safely.

Hero: Xan has absolute control over every flame. He's the best pyromancer that the world has ever seen, even if he is nuts.
Hero: If he missed you, he did it on purpose. What is he up to?

Andesi: I don't know and I don't care. I just want to get back to our parents.

Hero: Alright. I'll do what I can.

«Scene fades»

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