And Very Strong


Note: Galanoth appears with a prosthetic arm if the player has completed the Etherstorm Wastes saga.

«Scene: black screen»

Hero: Galanoth, look at this!

«Scene fades in: a dead dragon lies in a cave, skewered by an icicle»

Galanoth: This dragon has been skewered straight through - with an icicle!
Galanoth: It looks like we were on the right path with our "ice mage" theory.

Hero: Yeah… but did you see what the rest of the cave looked like?
Hero: All those traps had been smashed in…

Galanoth: But the one leading into the dragon's lair had been reset.

Hero: It's almost like they wanted the next Dragonslayer who came into the cave to trigger it again.

Galanoth: Maybe they did - they may know we're on their trai
Galanoth: But these people are all like family. None of them would be capable of such a thing!

Hero: Looks like one of them is.

«Scene fades»

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