And One Lucky Fishbone



«Scene: The Hero faces off against the Curse of the Sea Witch»

Curse of the Sea Witch: Begone from this place!

Hero: Man! Is that all you know how to say?

Curse of the Sea Witch: Fools! You'll never escape the curse!

Hero: Why did I even ask?
Hero: Whatever. I'm done with this nonsense.

«The Hero tosses fish oil at the Curse of the Sea Witch»

Hero: Have some FISH OIL!

Curse of the Sea Witch: AIIIIEEEEEE!

«Hargoyle flies up behind the Curse of the Sea Witch and tosses some fish scales at it»

Candy Claws: And some fish scales!

Curse of the Sea Witch: …huh?

«Voltaire throws a fishbone skeleton at the Curse of the Sea Witch»

Aurelio Voltaire: And one lucky fishbone!

«The Curse of the Sea Witch starts glowing»

Curse of the Sea Witch: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

«The Curse of the Sea Witch fades away»

«Scene: The Hero, Voltaire, and Hargoyle return to normal and are teleported off the ghost ship and into the sea»

Aurelio Voltaire: What about the treasure? Someone grabbed it, right?

Hero: Not me.

Candy Claws: I'm pretty sure it sank.

Aurelio Voltaire: Aw, man.
Aurelio Voltaire: Are we going to get cursed again?

«Hargoyle grabs Voltaire and the Hero and flies off with them»

«Scene fades»

Candy Claws: Come on, guys Let's go home.

«Scene: The Hero, Hargoyle, and Voltaire on the deck of a ship»

Candy Claws: I'm really sorry we didn't end up getting what we came out here for.

Aurelio Voltaire: Well, not the treasure, anyway.
Aurelio Voltaire: But at least we found Hargoyle!

Candy Claws: Aww!

Hero: And we've learned not to mess with sea witches.

Aurelio Voltaire: We did?
Aurelio Voltaire: Aren't we coming back next year to try again?

«Screen wipe - right to left: a tiny Curse of the Sea Witch rises from the ghost ship»

«Screen wipe - right to left: back to the Hero, Hargoyle, and Voltaire»

Hero: …No?

Aurelio Voltaire: It'll be fun. We even know how to break the curse this time!

Hero: Please, no.

«Scene fades»

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