And a Pony


«Scene: the Hero stands next to Zognax in its cage full of useless commodities»

Hero: Sparkly gems… plush toys… iced coffee energy drinks…
Hero: The absurdity of this situation is really coming into focus.

Zognax: Is it so absurd for a monster to enjoy the finer things in life? Zognax was so sure you wouldn't judge.

Hero: Right, sure.
Hero: Anyway, are you comfortable now? Is there anything else you need?

Zognax: Zognax was thinking maybe a pony.

Hero: Wow, seriously?

Zognax: Zognax has heard of a pretty unicorn named Binky. Maybe you could-

Hero: Ok, now I KNOW you're just messing with me.

Zognax: Can't Zognax just like unicorns?

Hero: I can't believe how much time you've gotten me to waste.
Hero: Why did I think this was actually going somewhere?

Zognax: Whaaaat? Poor, innocent Zognax? He would never!
Zognax: Hee hee hee heeaaaurgh *cough hack*
Zognax: Ugh.

Hero: You don't look like you're feeling so hot.

Zognax: Of course I'm not. I'm trapped in a world that is slowly poisoning me.
Zognax: What did you expect would happen?

Hero: Our world is toxic to you?
Hero: But then… why are you here? Why are you invading?
Hero: What would you possibly want with a world that will kill you?


Hero: At least tell me what I can do to make you better…

«Zognax lunges forward»

Zognax: If you want me to get better, then take me back to the Rift!

Hero: Well, I can't do THAT.
Hero: But maybe I can bring the Rift to you.

«Scene fades»

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