Ancient Doomknight (NPC)

A very old DoomKnight
I cannot give you or Gravelyn the virus as it is far too dangerous to release upon Lore. It would cause an outbreak of… things… that no one, not even Sepulchure, could control. If she desires the virus so badly then I will relinquish it on the condition Sepulchure himself is the one to retrieve it, personally. For you, however I'm sure I can arrange a proper reward as a token of my thanks for setting me free from this eternal prison.

It is known as the Shadowscythe Virus, even though it does not turn people into the undead, just grotesque monstrosities. These monstrosities are controlled by a hivemind destroying anything in their path and infecting new hosts. Sepulchure only used it once with an Earth Shaman and created two beings of death and decay. They were strong but they did not last, so he locked it here to ensure it was never used again.

- Ancient Doomknight's Quests

Location: Shadow Vault


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