An Unstoppable Evil


«Scene: Black screen»

Karok: I have been waiting.

«Scene fades to white»

«Scene: Karok kneeling before the Queen of Monsters»

Karok: One year ago, the Queen of Monsters betrayed me…
Karok: …repressed my power so my enemies could defeat me.

«The Queen of Monsters blasts Karok away»

Karok: Our alliance was never meant to be a permanent one, but her actions hastened its demise.

«Scene fades to white, then black»

Karok: I know now that I am not strong enough to defeat her on my own.
Karok: But with your help…

«Scene: the IceWind Pass»

Karok: As the air gets colder, my power strengthens

«Scene: a snowy cliff»

Karok: Our bond strengthens. I can feel your presence… dormant, but alive.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: a large chunk of ice in a ruined building»

Karok: Soon, I will be strong enough to wake you from your torpor. And I will find you.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: close up of the ice - Kezeroth appears in it»

Karok: I am coming for you… brother.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Outer space. A constellation of Kezeroth's face is shown»

«<Scene fades»

«Scene: Syrrus and Chilly in /northstar»

Syrrus: Oh, no… this can't be…

Chilly: What's wrong, Sywwus?

Syrrus: The stars must be wrong! And yet… I can feel that it is true.

Chilly: What's twue? You're scawing me…

Syrrus: It's Karok… he's been silent for almost a year, since his defeat in Cyrostorm Tundra.
Syrrus: But now… he's come back to Frostvale, with his Frostspawn Horde.
Syrrus: And he's planning to awaken his brother, Kezeroth!

Chilly: Oh no! But why?

Syrrus: If they are joining forces, it can only mean one thing…
Syrrus: …the destruction of Lore.

Chilly: But we bawely suwvived him last year! What are we going to do?

Syrrus: We barely survived… but we did. With the help of two heroes.
Syrrus: The young ice mage, Abel.
Syrrus: And the Hero of Lore, <Hero>.
Syrrus: If we're going to stop Karok and Kezeroth, we'll need both of them at our side once more.

«Scene fades»

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