An Audience with the King


«Scene: King Drago's Castle during a Blood Moon»
«Scene fades»
«Scene: Hero walks in front of King Drago, who is sitting on a throne and Advisor, who is standing next to King Drago»

Advisor: Your Majesty, the King's Guard has delivered <Hero> as you wished.

King Drago: I was not aware that the lone survivor of the Eridani massacre was an Outsider. Perhaps such is for the best.
King Drago: As you can see, <Hero>, my subjects are refusing to help themselves.

Advisor: His Majesty sought to better the lives of the peasants by expanding the Kingdom's borders, and liberating the neighboring barbarians from their paltry rulers.
Advisor: Such a shame that the Kingdom's children make for weak soldiers. Many have even fallen to the same wicked disease that afflicted the feeble minded Eridani villagers.

King Drago: Now, they riot at the castle gates instead of protecting my Kingdom's borders. It is by no fault of mine that they were too weak to follow my direction.
King Drago: That's where you come in.

«Closer up on Advisor, King Drago and the Hero>

Hero: Wait, this is about helping you? The moment I got here, your goons told me I was under arrest!

King Drago: I required your presence urgently. We can't have you dallying around sightseeing.

Hero: So, you want me to deal with the invaders. All of them. Or am I going to just have to deal with those horrific monsters?

«Hero puts their hands on their mouth»

Hero: Ah! What if I'm lucky and it's both massive problems at once?

King Drago: Take care with that mouth of yours. Remember, you stand before the King.

Hero: I see. So it's like that… Your Majesty.

King Drago: Very good! Discourteous language aside, you catch on quickly. Surely a warrior of your caliber must have ample experience with eliminating pests.

Advisor: The rewards will be great.

King Drago: I will allow you to be my chair.

Hero: WHAT?

Advisor: Being used by his Majesty as furniture is a VERY high honor.

Hero: Riiiight. Ok. Anyways… I can start with calming that angry mob down first.

Advisor: Before you go, may I ask why you came to the capital?
Advisor: I advised his Majesty to send for you, yet you appeared without prompt.

Hero: Oh, you know. I was here for sightseeing.

«Close up on the Hero»

Hero: *and to investigate the disease. Just Eridani was bad enough but it's spreading. If I can stop it at its source…*

«Zooms out back to Advisor and King Drago»

Hero: Leave it to me, your Majesty. Rest your huge royal head easy.

King Drago: That's a good little…kitten.

«Close up on the Hero again»

Hero: *forget the angry mob, I'll rip this guy's head off myself!*

«Scene fades»

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