An Alliance Divided


«Scene: Alteon and Valen in Swordhaven with multiple knights»

King Alteon: As of this moment, we have two villages under attack by Dethrix's men.
King Alteon: We will have to divide our forces if we are to defend them both.
King Alteon: I will take half of Swordhaven's army and head to Ostfort.

«Alteon turns to Valen»

King Alteon: Valen you'll take the other half and go north to Highwick.
King Alteon: It won't be easy fighting this battle on two fronts.
King Alteon: But if we give it all we have, we can succeed. I know we can.

Valen: But we'll be going to rescue Lynaria first, of course.

«Closer shot of Valen»

Valen: …we WILL, won't we?

«Screen pans right to Alteon»

King Alteon: There's no time. The villages will be destroyed before we make it back.

«Valen clenches his fists»

Valen: And Lynaria will die while we fight to save them!
Valen: She is one of us! We can't just leave her.

«Screen returns to Valen and Alteon»

King Alteon: Yes, she IS one of us.
King Alteon: And that means she has chosen to risk her own life for the sake of our people.
King Alteon: She would not want us to save her if it meant allowing these cities to fall.
King Alteon: As painful as this is, our duty must be to those who cannot protect themselves.

Valen: No. I can't accept that.

King Alteon: Valen, you MUST accept it.
King Alteon: I am your king, and this is my decree. Do you defy it?


«Valen lowers his fists»

Valen: No. Of course not.

King Alteon: I am glad I can still count on you, my friend.

«Valen closes his eyes»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Valen standing in front of the crossroads to Highwick and Castle Dethrix»

With these challenges we now face, we will have to depend on each other more than ever.

«Valen turns to the path to Castle Dethrix»

«Scene fades»

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