Amira's Story


Friday the 13th, late morning 10am

«Hero, Voltaire and Deady talking to Kierk in the Fire Town»

Kierk: It went like this -

«Change scene to Amira handing Kierk a pie in the Town»

Amira: For you, Papa! I baked it myself using fresh fire-cherry preserves.

My daughter Amira, she was so bright, so happy…

«Change scene to Kierk crying over Amira's grave»

Kierk: Oh, Amira. My little girl! How will I get on without you?

"After her death, I was heartbroken!"

«Change scene to Kierk making a robot Amira, with a Lieutenant pointing at them»

Lieutenant: You are called to the King. We told him of your… thing.

I made a new daughter - Amira 2.0 - so I wouldn't be lonely, but then King interfered…

Lieutenant: He wishes to see this marvel for himself. You will bring it. Now.

He was determined to take her from me and make Amira 2.0 his own!

«Change scene to King and his Lieutenant, pointing their spears at Kierk and Amira 2.0, inside the King's castle»

King: I will have her for my Queen!

We were threatened. There was nothing I could do!

Amira 2.0: Directive denied. Abort! Initiate total system shutdown!

He claimed her for his wife, and then… DISASTER!

«Amira 2.0 grows 7 times her size. Change of scene, Amira 2.0 attacking the town»

And then she attacked us all! My Amira 2.0 - metal and gears - she felt threatened!

«Scene fades»

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