Amira Restored


Friday the 13th, after the battle

«Voltaire, with Vorutanian Key Blade in hand, Hero and Deady next to Amira 2.0's defeated body»

Voltaire: I was right. Somehow, the Vorutanian Key Blade fits perfectly into this groove on her chest.
Voltaire: I wonder how her father could have designed THAT?

Hero: Don't look a gift-tinker in the gears. We've got to return her to her normal size.
Hero: She takes up the whole main street like this.

Voltaire: I think, yes. Yes, this will work.

«The Black Unicorn walks up to Voltaire»

Voltaire: There's a girl. I'm going to keep YOU. You're just the right amount of fluffy.
Voltaire: Seeing you, I imagine a whole army of black unicorn riders, the laughter of small children their battlecry.
Voltaire: But to the business at hand.

«Voltaire raises the Key Blade, it and the Unicorn turn completely red. Voltaire jumps and the Key Blade falls into the key opening in Amira 2.0's chest, turning her back into a normal robot»

Friday the 13th, Black Unicorn Riders' medal ceremony

«Andrew, Kirk, Deady, Hero and Voltaire in the ceremony. Voltaire gives Hero a Black Unicorn medal»


«They all cheer. Then, Amira 2.0 hugging Black Unicorn gets in scene»

Amira 2.0: Oh, you great fiery beauty! Gorgeous creature!
Amira 2.0: And you, Hero. ALL of you! I feel… different. I remember - things. Things I did not experience.

Hero: Somehow the original Amira's memories must've been unlocked!

Amira 2.0: Life with YOU, Papa!

Kierk: Oh, Amira! You've come… HOME!

Andrew: You love them like I do, don't you? You always have… Amira.
Andrew: Could you… love me, too?

«The cutscene ends with a photo album of Andrew and Amira as a family, holding a baby human and a baby unicorn»

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