Femme Fatalities Cult Leader
Well met. I am Amia, the Femme Fatalities Cult Leader. The volcano on the island shows signs of erupting… but I believe that the Frozen Flame will protect us all. We could really use your help offering homage to the Frozen Flame.

Frozen Flame?
The Frozen Flame is an ancient relic that all Femme Fatalities worship. My sisters, our mothers, their mothers, and all the mothers before pay their respects to the legendary Frozen Flame who protects the Isle of Fotia. But the Frozen Flame is more than just an artifact; it safeguards the soul of a powerful Queen.

Centuries ago, a beautiful, great, and powerful Queen ruled Lore with her dearly beloved King. But as her King sought more power, the love between the Queen and King dwindled. The King only focused on brute force and physical strength; as he recruited more strong men, he lost all interest in his Queen and her followers.

In the end, the Queen was cast aside by her dearly beloved: the beastly King by the name of Dage. After suffering a devastating heartbreak by her one true love, the Queen’s body and mind shattered, leaving behind nothing except her fiery soul.

Unable to continue living, the Queen’s burning soul encased herself within a frozen effigy to forever protect against another man’s betrayal. The Queen’s devoted people, the Femme Fatalities, took the Frozen Flame to the Isle of Fotia where we have flourished without the aid of men.

Femme Fatalities?
We are the Femme Fatalities who worship the Frozen Flame. We are all strong independent women who do not need a man to govern our lives. Our burning passion for love, truth, and justice will always prevail!

No man has EVER reached the Isle of Fotia. Until now. Only because we need all the manpower AND womanpower to help pay homage to the Frozen Flame. The Frozen Flame should—nay, will!—protect the island from the erupting volcano!

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Note: Also see Amia the Cult Leader.


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