After completing the 'Skullberry Picking' quest:

Farmer and… Servant of Baron Luca
Greetings, Hero! I hope this dark night finds you well and full! I know I'm just bursting with tasty treats the Missus has cooked up for Mogloween. I was hoping a Hero would wander in. Our Master, Baron Luca has made some urgent, last minute requests before supper. He does not like to be disappointed and failure earns you a… seat at the dinner table.

- Alycar's Quests

After completing the 'A Monstrous Appetite' quest:

Farmer and… Servant of Baron Luca
You are just in time, Hero! The Baron was eyeing me up and down, and I don't think he was sizing me for a new suit. He looked hungry! Please! get that sign situation taken care of, post haste!

- Alycar's Quests

Location: BakeShop of Horrors


Thanks to Haileym1 and the magic caster.

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