Always Put The Magic Item In


«Valencia and Hero finding the Enchanted Rof of Greased Lightning»

Valencia: The scans indicate that the Enchanted Rod of Greased Lightning is still in the ship! It looks like the strongest magical signal is coming from…

«Valencia picks up a box»

Valencia: …right here!
Valencia: You open it, <Hero>. I'm too nervous.

«Valencia covers her eyes with her hands»

Hero: It's… a…

«Valencia uncovers her eyes»

Valencia: Yes?

«Hero is holding the Enchanted Rod of Greased Lightning»

Hero: It's a stick of butter.

Valencia: WHAT?

«Valencia reads the book»

Valencia: I guess I must have gotten that translation wrong.

«Hero holds up the Enchanted Rod of Greased Lightning»

Hero: So what the heck do we do with this?

«Hero moves the Enchanted Rod of Greased Lightning up and down»

Hero: I don't think it's working.

«Valencia lifts her eyes from the book, seeing something»

Valencia: Wait just a second! Is that…?
Valencia: It's an ancient idol of Cluckmoo, the Chickencow God!
Valencia: If I've learned one thing from my years of treasure hunting, it's this:
Valencia: If there's an ancient idol in the rom, you always put the magic item inside it!

«Hero opens the Cluckmoo idol's microwave door»

Hero: What about in here?

«Valencia proceeds to put the Enchanted Rod of Greased Lightning inside the Cluckmoo ido, then plugs in numbers»

Hero: Are you… setting the time?

Valencia: It's been driving me crazy!

«Hero looks around»

Hero: But, we only.. just.. got here…

«Valencia smiles»

Valencia: There!

«The Enchanted Rod of Greased Lightning cooks inside the Cluckmoo idol, then after a while the places trembles»

Hero: Oh no.

Valencia: I have a bad feeling about this!

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