Alteon's Fall


«Scene: Alteon suffering from chaorruption.»

Page Alan: Sire, please drink this water for your health!

«Alteon is seen trembling and slowly being infected after drinking the water.»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Page Alan is being brought to the prison as the knights think that the water he gave was poisonous»

Page Alan: B-but I just POURED the water!

Pactagonal Knight: Boy! Get away from his Highness NOW!

«The scene returns to Alteon which looks like the chaorruption is getting worse.»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: In front of Swordhaven Castle is King Alteon's Daughter, Princess Britanny, holding a rose, with Lord Brentan»

Lord Brentan: My love, since we were children, I -

Princess Britanny: Have been pulling my hair, flinging mud on my clothes, and mocking my sisters.

Lord Brentan: I haven't done that since Victoria threatened to shoot me! And I'm STILL not convinced she was joking.

Princess Britanny: *laugh* … She wasn't.
Princess Britanny: Brentan, I'd like to hold your hand.

«Screen fades from black to Princess Britanny and Lord Brentan holding hands with the rose.»

Lord Brentan: Your wish is my command. Always and forever.

Princess Britanny: Then I wish you would just ASK!

Lord Brentan: Princess Britanny of Swordhaven, I want to be your shield as long as I live…
Lord Brentan: Wield my blade against those who would harm you, and love those loyal to you.
Lord Brentan: Will you marry me?

«Split screen: left is Britanny and Brentan, right is King Alteon.»

Princess Britanny: Oh, YES!

«At the same time Princess Britanny replies, King Alteon is being taken over further by the Chaorruption.»

«The knights run to tell the others.»

«Scene fades»

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