Alone in the Dark



«Scene: Jalnar (as Jingles the elf) in his underground lair, shaking his fists angrily»

Jalnar: Curses! Curses! CURSES!
Jalnar: Who does that hero think <he/she> is? How DARE <he/she> hurt my precious Arctusk!
Jalnar: And to make matters worse, now <he/she> knows where my lair is.
Jalnar: If <he/she>'d died like <he/she> was supposed to, we wouldn't be IN this predicament!

Chilly: That's wight! <Hero> knows how to find us now!
Chilly: And <he/she>'s going to come wescue us!

Jalnar: There, there. Don't worry your pretty heads, children.
Jalnar: No one will find us down here.
Jalnar: The tunnels are dark and twisty, and full of such terrible things.
Jalnar: And soon, the sun will come out again…
Jalnar: and the snow will start to melt…
Jalnar: And we will all be down here together…

Jalnar: Alone… in the dark.

«Scene fades»

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