Alliance Overtaken


«Scene: Tibias and Cyntari commanding their armies in front of Bloodtusk Ravine.»

Tibias: Undead, with me! We march… for SHADOWFALL!

«The Chaos Twins appear in between Tibias and Cyntari.»
«Tibias and Cyntari turn their heads to look at the Chaos Twins.»

Xing: Going home so soon? Tsk. You'll be in disgrace!

Xang: You CAN'T let sweet l'il Gravelyn and that stodgy ol' Alteon know of your failure, now can you?
Xang: Why, Old Alt would court-marshal you!

«Screen zooms in on Xing who holds up her fist that is glowing with chaos energy.»

Xing: And just think of what that upstart of an Empress would do to YOU, Tibias! She said not to fail. At any cost.

«Screen moves to Xang holding up her fist that is glowing with chaos energy.»

Xang: We just CAN'T let that happen! Not when it's OUR fault that your efforts in Bloodtusk failed!

«Screen moves showing Xing and Xang side by side holding up their fists that are glowing with Chaos energy.»

Xing & Xang: Tee hee!

«Screen moves showing both the armies and the generals being Chaorrupted by the Chaos Twins.»
«Screen moves back to Cynari Chaorrupted.»

Cynari: You will let. Us. LOOSE! I have an entire army at my command to -

«Screen zooms out showing Tibias, The Chaos Twins, and Cynari.»

Xing: Obey us? Heeheehee! You're quite right! I'm sure Krellenos will be SO happy to see them!

Xang: Oh just THINK what he can do with Alliance soldier! attack villages, assassinate Kings…

Xing: And Empresses! Tee-hee!

«Screen zooms in on Tibias raising his spear.»

Tibias: And us? Do you think we'll just stand here and LET you do that?

«Screen zooms out again showing Tibias, The Chaos Twins, and Cynari.»

Xing & Xang: Oh noooo!

«Screen zooms in on Xang.»

Xang: Krellenos has JUST the thing to keep you suitably tied up for the near future.

«Screen moves to Xing.»

Xing: *giggle* You WERE willing to sacrifice everything you had for Alliance, weren't you?

«Screen fades away in purple color.»

«Scene: Khasaanda in the Trolls base.»

Khasaanda: All my life, I have been disdained, ignored, LAUGHED at.

«Screen zooms in on Khasaanda.»

Khasaanda: Krell was the only one who believed me, and now even HE has abandoned me!
Khasaanda: I could FEEL through my link to him that something was wrong, but…
Khasaanda: HAH! I bet no one ever thought HE would be the one to do this!

«Screen goes dark and Khasaanda's eyes are filled with Chaos.»

Khasaanda: They were so blind, all of them! And after all I, was the only one who could See.

«Screen fades.»

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