Alliance Defeated


«Scenes of the Bloodtusk War, ending with Hero talking in the roof of a house»

Hero: Trolls, Horcs! Look around you! With their leaders imprioned, the Alliance is falling to pieces!
Hero: I have proof that they were influenced by Chaos. Let them run!
Hero: They will flee Bloodtusk Ravine and you can claim it for yourselves again!

«Hero drops down to the ground»

Hero: Now that you have worked together to defeat an outside threat… come together to defeat the inside one!

Kagg: It will not be. We cannot back down before the Trolls. We will not! We will save ourselves from their threat!

Sokrakiis: We cannot do it, Hero. The Horcs have raised a Chaos Lord.
Sokrakiis: They will kill us all if they have the chance. I can sense a taint growing… on our magic.
Sokrakiis: I am sorry, Hero. I wish it were otherwise. Even now, one of them waits to Chaorrupt us all!

Kagg: HORCS Chaorrupt the TROLLS? You lie, Crystal-for-brains! I think your wisdom has shattered in battle!
Kagg: The bones of our mountain are slimy with taint!

Hero: STOP THIS! Go. Sok, Kagg. Leave here… Now.
Hero: Your people are wounded. There will be no more bloodshed today.

Sokrakiis: You are right, Hero. I must see to my people.

Kagg: We will delay, Hero, out of respect for you. But Troll…. This is not over.

Sokrakiis: *sigh* No, Kagg. I am sorry… for all of us… but you are correct. It is not over.

Kagg: We MUST finish this. You know that, Troll. I must defend my people.

Sokrakiis: As must I. Come, my brethren. We go home.

«Sokrakiis and Kagg leave»

Hero: Drakath! I know you have a hand in this.
Hero: When I find your new minion, I will make them PAY!
Hero: I just need to know… WHO! And I think… I think I have an idea.

«Scene fades»

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