«Scene: Drakath in front of his portal on his throne platform.»

Drakath: It goes well, all according to plan. But not fast enough, I don't think. Things are…

«Screen fades.»

«Scene: Gravelyn on her throne in Shadowfall.»

Gravelyn: - Too quiet, I can FEEL it in the air. Chaos ripples down from wherever that tentacled snake hides.

«Screen zooms in on Gravelyn's face while she gets mad.»

Gravelyn: We can't just SIT here until things grow too dire. Good defends, Evil attacks. That is how it should be.

«Screen zooms out to Gravelyn talking to here undead soldiers in front of her throne.»

Gravelyn: That is how it WILL be! Alteon is too weak to lead his armies against Drakath. It falls to me. To US!

«Screen moves to Gravelyn talking to Chuckles on her throne.»

Gravelyn: Send a message to hero. Tell him you have a quest, whatever, I don't care.
Gravelyn: Just make sure he gets here FAST. I need to know which side he fights on. Who I can trust.

«Chuckles starts hopping up and down.»

«Screen fades.»

«Scene: Hero laying under a tree while chuckles falls into his lap.»

«Screen moves to Hero standing up while tossing Chuckles back and forth in his hands.»

Hero: … NOT a funny entrance, Chuckles. I get enough bruises in battle, thanks.
Hero: And besides, I haven't heard of any big wars in progress. Things seem… peaceful. As much as they can be, what with Chaos on the move.
Hero: So WHY does Gravelyn send her favorite minion to me on such a calm, sunny day?


Hero: Hunh. A quest? I always wondered when you'd need my help, but I didn't think it would be to get ahead.

«Screen fades.»

«Scene: Hero talking to Gravelyn in Gravelyn's throne room.»

Gravelyn: Hero. I appreciate how quickly you've arrived. With your skills, I imagine you're in high demand.

Hero: Well it depends on who you as -

Gravelyn: Silence! I have no time for false modesty. I need to know who I can count on, and how much.
Gravelyn: THAT is why you're here… I'll be blunt, hero. Chaos is lulling us into a false sense of security.

«Screen moves to kids playing with a ball in a village.»

The locals haven't seen a chaorrupted creature in days. We grow lax. The alliance is not doing enough.

«Screen moves back to Gravelyn at the bottom of her throne talking to Hero.»

Gravelyn: The King ignores all my messages. Perhaps Chaos interferes with their delivery, but I doubt it.
Gravelyn: He is ill, sick… Weak.

«Screen zooms in on Gravelyn's Head.»

Gravelyn: Alteon can't push to attack Drakath, so I must! Evil always does deal a death-blow better.
Gravelyn: Good is just… not good enough right now. And THAT is why I summoned you.

«Screen zooms out showing Hero and Gravelyn.»

Gravelyn: Tell me, hero… with whom do you stand? Where does YOUR loyalty lie?

«3 options to choose»

«Screen fades.»

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