All Together Now


«Scene: Hero stands in front of a group of Orcs with squirt guns»

Hero: All together, now!

«Everyone sprays the Solar Flare Dragon»

Hero: Keep going! We're almost got it!

«The dragon turns back into Solar Elementals, who all run off»

«Scene: Hero and the Orcs»

Hero: Ha, ha! Yes!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Aquella, the Hero, and some Orcs and a Troll stand in front of some burnt trees in front of a temple»

Aquella: Well. That was certainly an eventful Solar Festival!
Aquella: You sure managed to get everyone riled up.

Hero: Ha, ha, sorry about that.
Hero: It's not often I get to have that much fun with a Super Squirter!

Aquella: Are you kidding? That was AWESOME!
Aquella: I don't think we've ever gotten all the solar elementals into the sky so fast before.

Hero: Is that why it got so bright so fast?

Aquella: Next time you'll have to bring some shades.

Hero: …and a fire extinguisher.

«Scene fades»

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