All that Glitters


«Scene: Hero fighting vampires - then, Solani talking to Ensis and Enkara»

Solani: Go, now is the time! There are battles here I must fight.
Solani: And I must stay here, ready to aid <Hero> if he needs it…
Solani: The two of YOU have another mission. One just as critical to our victory -

Ensis: And the future of our race. Yes.

Enkara: We know what to do, Lady. We shall NOT fail you!

Solani: I know this. I trust you both. May the Darkness watch and keep you. Now go!

«Enkara and Ensis bow to Solani, then scene changes to Esmee speaking with Edvard»

Esmee: But Edvard!

Edvard: No! You call me Daddy, like I said. If you are going to take the throne, they MUST think -

Esmee: I don't WANT to. Did you see the furry one? He will EAT my FACE OFF!

Edvard: Not if my plan works. You'll dazzle them once you're on the throne. And I will guide you.
Edvard: Safiria didn't listen, but YOU will.

«Esmee stomps the ground»

Esmee: NO! NO NO NO!

«A battle ensues»

Solani: You will DESTROY our people, turn them into puppets! I will NEVER let you take the throne!

Luca: Better puppets dancing to a strong ruler than clinging to the skirts of a weak-willed Queen!

Hero: This. Ends. Here! Solani. Baron.
Hero: Four of you sough the throne. Gravefang and Rapaxi could not compare to your strength.
Hero: The two of you are the strongest vampires seeking the throne. It all comes down to you.
Hero: And to me, if you'll let me help you decide.

Solani: It must come down to the Blood Run, yes?

Luca: Yesssss.

Hero: You… have something in place for things like this?

Solani: It is rare that this happens, but not unknown. When a ruler is unfit, or a challenge is presented.

Luca: We each have a champion. And you are a third party.

Solani: You are a friend to Vampires, but do not belong to either of our bloodlines. You and the other heroes of Lore will prove their strength.
Solani: It is said that the strongest ruler attracts the most powerful champion.
Solani: Battle each of our champions. Whichever champion you can defeat more often is, of course, the weaker.

Luca: The battle will last for three nights. On the fourth morning, the winner will be announced.

«Scene fades»

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