All I Had Left


«Scene: Howard holding Howard's Grief hand that's on the ground»

Howard: My love! No!
Howard: How could you do this to us?

Hero: Hey… I'm really sorry, man. But that wasn't your wife anymore.

«Howard looks at the Hero»

Howard: You're wrong! She was still in there! I know she was.

Hero: Howard… she was a monster. She was about to kill you!

«Howard stands up with an angry face with tears in his eyes»

Howard: She was all I had left!

Hero: Whoa. Hey, man… let's be cool…

Howard: It will be okay. It will all be okay!
Howard: I didn't use all of the elixir to bring her back. I have more.

«Howards pulls out an elixir bottle from his pocket and drinks it»

So much more!

«Purple orb re-appears in Howard's hand while also covering his body in dark purple glow»

Hero: Howard, no!

Howard: Yes… yes. I can feel it running through my veins!

«Howard opens his eyes, they're white and glowing»

Hero: If I can't have her back…

«An explosion happens and a portal appears in the sky»

Howard: …then the whole world will feel my torment!

Blizzy: He's tearing the world apart!

Hero: No…
Hero: He's ripped open a portal to the Plane of Monsters!

«Scene fades»

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