«Scene: Ki Sama holding a puppet of Kala»

Ki Sama: Mortals cannot defy their nature, and cannot hide it for long. The same is true for gods.
Ki Sama: Kala was created out of rage and destruction, and could not suppress those urges for too long.
Ki Sama: They defined who he was, and would always be: a deadly beast, dangerous to all around him.

Ki Sama: Batara Guru grew concerned for the humans who worshipped him. He did not want Kala to be a threat to mankind.
Ki Sama: It would be so easy for Kala to once again devour entire villages and to destroy who forests, as he had before Batara Guru acknowledged him.
Ki Sama: …He would need to do something to protect the world from his son. But what?!

Ki Sama: Batara Guru knew he would need to ensure Kala could not hurt anyone again. Perhaps removing his venomous fangs and tongue would be enough… without killing him.
Ki Sama: Soon, Kala appeared in answer to Batara Guru's summons. He entered the palace, and approached Batara Guru.
Ki Sama: Batara Guru gripped the blade behind his back.

Ki Sama: Kala came closer… and closer… and --

«Room darkens and Ki Sama grins, evilly»

Ki Sama: OH! Aaah, we are almost to the best part, just as the solar eclipse is about to begin! You will love what happens next, my friend, I am certain of it

«Ki Sama's eyes start glowing»

Ki Sama: Just before Batara Guru was about to strike Kala -- *deep breath*

«Close up on Hero watching the puppet show»

Hero: Wait a minute. Something about this story isn't right. I KNOW there is something wrong with this whole thing.

«Scene shakes»

Hero: !?!

«Close up on Ki Sama grinning»

Ki Sama: KALA ESCAPED! AHAAAA! With the power of the tainted keris and a full eclipse, Kala is at the peak of his strength.
Ki Sama: He attacks Batara Guru and breaks free, passing through the mirror and into OUR WORLD! HAHAAHA!

«Scene: Kala appearing on Screen 7 of Kala»


«Scene: Hero standing next to Ki Sama, whose eyes are still glowing yellow»

Hero: I knew it. I TOLD THEM.

«Ki Sama looks at the Hero»

Ki Sama: HAHAHA! Kala has been summoned, and it is all thanks to you! I could not have gathered all of the pieces needed; I am no warrior. Just a poor Dalang.
Ki Sama: But now… now I will be the favored of Kala, and he will shower me with riches! After he eats all of YOU.

Hero: I came here for dinner and a show. I didn't come to BE dinner or steal the show. Those guys are going to owe me. Big time. Double desserts.

«Hero runs»

«Scene fades»

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