All Cutscene Scripts

10th Lord of Chaos
11th Lord of Chaos
12th Lord of Chaos
13th Chaos Beast
13th Lord of Chaos
1st Lord of Chaos
2nd Lord Of Chaos-es
2nd Lords of Chaos
3rd Lord of Chaos
4th Dimensional Pyramid
4th Lord of Chaos
5th Lord of Chaos
6th Birthday Intro
6th Lord of Chaos
7th Lord of Chaos
8th Lord of Chaos
9th Lord of Chaos
A Close Call
A DragonSlayer's Aid
A Huge, Scary Demon
A Larger Threat
A Letter From Z
A New Alliance?
A New King
A Poultry Future
A Shattered Vigilette
A Sparkly Vampire / Shiny Vampire
A Temporary Truce
Act 2: The Distant Past
Ada and the Soulweaver
AE Ninjas: Red Alert
After the Firestorm
Air Show
Alina Takes Arms
All Chaos Lords Must Die
All that Glitters
Alliance Defeated
Alliance Overtaken
Alteon's Fall
Always Put The Magic Item In
Amira Restored
Amira's Story
Amulet's Secret
An Invitation
Andesi Introduction
Arcadion (Cutscene)
Arcangrove is ready for war!
Aria's Fear
Arms Like Noodles
Art 101
Artix Helps
Artix needs a Girlfriend
Artix's Fear
Assault and BAT-tery
Assault on Lore
Attack on Shadowfall
Audience with the Queen
AuScythe Insight
Baby Yeti's Escape
Back from the.. Dead?
Bacon Cat Force Prophecy
Battle Death
Battle Famine
Battle for LightGuard Keep
Battle War
Battlecon 1
Battlecon 2
Battlecon 3
Baxter's Answers
Behemoth Defeated
Beleen and the Beast
Beleen Pony
Betrayal in the Air
Bio Hazard's Escape
Bionic Bunny's Escape
Black Hole Sun (Cutscene)
Black Ice
Black Light Shining
Blazebeard Doused
Blightbringer Falls
Booty Battle
Boss Fight!
Breakroom Finale
Brightoak Burns
Bring the Party Back
Broken Alliance
But What If They Did?
Call Nythera!
Candy Corn (Cutscene)
Carnaval is Saved
Carnax Defeated
Cask Intro
Cask Skeleton
Caught Red Handed
Celestial Realm Invasion
Celestial Realm Salvation
Chairman Platinum
Champion of Chaos (Cutscene)
Champion of Chaos Rises
Chaorruption Rises
Chaorruption Spreads
Chaos Beast vs Lore
Chaos Begins
Chaos Champion's Goal
Chaos Champion's Goals
Chaos Eye Amulet
Chaos Grows Stronger
Chaos Incarnate
Chaos Is Coming
Chaos King
Chaos Lord Discordia (Cutscene)
Chaos Lord Lionfang (Cutscene)
Chaos Lord Revealed!
Chaos Lord Revealed / Tower Portal
Chaos Phase
Chaos Rage
Chaos Revealed / The real Chaos Lord!
Chaos Rift Opens
Chaos Rising
Chaos Scars
Chaos Takes Control
Chaos Twins Interfere
Chaos Vs Chaos
Chaotic Good and Evil
Chill Out!
Chilling Confrontation
Cinderclaw the Ravenous
Clash of the Titans
Clean Up On Aisle 2
Confront Sek Duat
Confronting the Collector
Conquest of Dragon's Lair
Contract Negotiations
Corruption Revealed
Council Meeting
Creation Deaducation
Crystal Bright (Cutscene)
Cutting Edge Technology
Cysero's Fear
Cysero's Skills
Dage The Good (Cutscene)
Dage vs Wilhelm
Dage's Dark Secret
Dark Day Dawns
Darkness and Destruction
Darkness Dispelled
Darkness Falls
Dead Journal
Deadmoor Banshee
Deady Monster Alive
Deady Monster Defeated
Death and Destruction
Death Becomes Human
Death of a King
Death's Deal
Death's Death
Death's Rampage
Defeat Lord Ovthedance / Lord Ovthedance / Dance Overlord
Defying Death
Denying Defeat
Desolich Arrives
Desoloth Shall Triumph/Good Shall Triumph/Evil Shall Triumph
Destroy the Darkness
Dinner Time
Dire Situation
Dirtlicker's Dilemma
Documents Retrieved
Doom Vault 1
Doom Vault 10
Doom Vault 11
Doom Vault 12
Doom Vault 2
Doom Vault 3
Doom Vault 4
Doom Vault 5
Doom Vault 6
Doom Vault 7
Doom Vault 8
Doom Vault 9
Doom Vordred Awakens
Dopplegangers Introduction
Double Party
Down the Well
Dr. De'Sawed Defeated
Dr. De'Sawed Defeated... or Not
Dragon Attacks
Dragon of Time
Dragon Plane in Peril
Dragon Rises, Dragon Falls / Dragon Rises
Dragonplane (Cutscene) (1)
Dragon's Dawn
Dragon's Defeat
Dragon's Descent
Dragon's Heart
Drakath Attacks
Drakath Fights Back
Drakath's Attention
Drakath's Master
Drakath's Story
Drayko Fight
Dread Red Dragon Defeated
Dreadspace Finale
Dwarfhold is ready for war!
Earth Shattering Development
Elemental Chaos
Elemental Orbs (Cutscene)
Emily Found
End of Kitsune/Kitsune Defeated
Enter Dragon Koi / The Dragon Koi
Enter The Castle
Enter the Stronghold
Envy's Task
Escaping Nessie
Escherion's Arrival/Anna And Otto
Eternal Destiny Revealed
Everything Chaos Dies
Evil is Defeated
Exhibition Match
Expect the Unexpected
Extinguish the Flames
Face the Scourge
Fall of Battleon
Fall of Madeline / The Fall of Madeline Crusher
Fall of the House of Crusher
Falling for Tricks
Falling SN.O.W.
Far from Home
Farewell, Stalagbite
Fatal Crusher Fate
Fate of the Frozen Flame
Fear the FrostSpawn
Feast 1
Feast 2
Feast 3
Feast 4
Feast of the Dead
Festive Face-off

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