All Chaos Lords Must Die


«Hero in MoutnDoomskull, in battle with Drakath, who is riding Desolich»

«Hero launches at Drakath, makes both fall, hitting each other until they land on a ledge, breaking it»

«Hero lands on a ledge, flies, Desolich in the distance with Drakath riding him»

«Drakath finds Khasaanda and Escherion turned into a frog»

Khasaanda: Drakath! You monster! I have seen much in my search for you!
Khasaanda: I know you must NEVER enter the realm of Chaos! And I will die before I let you!

Drakath: My naughty, little troll. You never could follow orders.
Drakath: You've been very bad, little troll. It's time for you to truly face your punishment…

«Drakath kills Khasaanda»

Drakath: And for me to fulfill my destiny!


Drakath: For the Queen of Monsters to rise, ALL Chaos Lords MUST die!

«Drakath crushes Escherion with his foot»

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