All Chaos Lords Must Die


«Scene: Mount Doom Skull.»

«Drakath launches himself from Desolich at the Hero. They both fall, hitting each other. They crash into a rock platform, breaking it and sending both of them flying apart. The Hero lands on a ledge, and uses his/her wings to fly to a floating rock platform.»

«Drakath lands on the ground. Khasaanda is chained up there, but as the screen flashes white, her chains disappear.»

Khasaanda: Drakath! You monster! I have seen much in my search for you!
Khasaanda: I know you must NEVER enter the realm of Chaos! And I will die before I let you!

Drakath: My naughty, little troll. You never could follow orders.
Drakath: You've been very bad, little troll. It's time for you to truly face your punishment…

«Drakath blasts Khasaanda with chaos energy, killing her. He laughs.»

Drakath: And for me to fulfill my destiny!

«Close up on Escherion.»


«Close up on Drakath»

Drakath: For the Queen of Monsters to rise, ALL Chaos Lords MUST die!

«Drakath crushes Escherion with his foot, reducing Escherion to a froggy smear on the ground.»

«Scene fades.»

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