«Nastasia uses the gifts to transform into NecroChick Nas»

NecroChick Nas: Happy Friday the 13th… and Happy Hero's Heart Day!
NecroChick Nas: Thank you bringing me the 13 Omen Artifacts so that I can become a NecRomancer!
NecroChick Nas: Thank you bringing me the 13 Oman Artifacts so that I can become a NecRomancer! The magic of Friday the 13th causes all kinds of crazy spooky stuff to happen, you know. Like transforming someone into a necromancer.
NecroChick Nas: And we have even more unlucky luck this year! Since Friday the 13th and Hero's Heart Day share the same moonlight, it has caused Necromantic love to rise up from the graves… quite literally.

«NecroChick Nas summons undead»

NecroChick Nas: Behold my Undead Army! Comprised entirely of lovers who died too soon--just like ME.
NecroChick Nas: The power of Necromantic love will reunite these lost lovers with their living soul mates once more—so that everyone has the chance to spend eternity with their one true love!

Hero: Oh wow, that's actually a very very sweet thing. Ha, for a second there, I thought—

NecroChick Nas: But of course their true love would HAVE to be Undead themselves, or else they could never truly be together forever!!

Hero: …spoke too soon.

NecroChick Nas: And when I make the entire world Undead, then everyone and everything thing can un-live together for eternity!!

Hero: We must stop her… AND her army of necromantic undead!

«Jagger is completely shocked»

Hero: Did you just go full Anime on me? Everyone knows you never go full Anime.

«Jagger recovers»

Hero: That's better! We've got an undead army AND a love-crazed, conquest-happy necromancer to stop!

«Scene fades»

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