Blood Titan Class Trainer
There is power in blood. Coming from a long line of titans, your blood is especially potent. You have mastered the ability of calling on the power running through your veins to bring devastation to your foes.

How to get?
There are 2 ways to obtain Blood Ancient Class. You can buy Blood Ancient class and many other things from Shi Mar’s merge shop in Greenguard East, or I can sell it to you here for AdventureCoins.

- Blood Titan Class
- Blood Titan Merge

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Lucky, Fighter
Blood Titan’s skills drain your HP, not your mana, so make sure you use Crimson Shield to reduce incoming damage before you start blowing cooldowns. Pair Blood Fury with Blood Thief to cancel out the haste debuff of the latter, and follow up with Life Drinker to maximize damage output.

Location: Class Hall C


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