Newly-Crowned King
If Lynaria needs my help, I will be at her side to offer it. I know you will do the same. Together, the three of us have always been unstoppable.

After completing the 'Retrieve the Wand' quest:

Newly-Crowned King
Lynaria's task is done, and Lore is safe - for now. But I must set aside my worries for the time being. I have more immediate things to focus on - like preparing for my wedding! Come, let's return to Swordhaven. I could use some help from my best man.

- I'm Ready! Let's Go! (plays the 'The Wedding' cutscene)

After watching the 'The Wedding' cutscene:

Newly-Crowned King
Lynaria, my love! You were stolen from me before we even finished the ceremony! How Could I have let this happen? I must pull myself together. My sweet Lynaria is in danger, and so is my kingdom - and they both need our help! Somehow, we will make all of this right.

- Alden's Quest
- Valen Merge




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