Alchemy (Mini-Game)

Location: Alchemy (Location)

  • Rune of Jera - +300 Rep
  • Rune of Uruz - +900 Rep (Unlocks at Rank 3 Alchemy)
  • Rune of Fehu - +2,000 Rep (Unlocks at Rank 5 Alchemy)
  • Rune of Gebo - +5,000 Rep (Unlocks at Rank 8 Alchemy)
  • Dragon Runestone:
    • (Lv. 5 - 15) - +1,000 Rep
    • (Lv. 16 - 25) - +1,500 Rep(Unlocks at Rank 3 Alchemy)
    • (Lv. 26 - 40) - +3,500 Rep (Unlocks at Rank 5 Alchemy)
    • (Lv. 41+) - +6,500 Rep (Unlocks at Rank 8 Alchemy)


  • Pick a Runestone to determine how powerful your result will be.
  • Select two reagents, to determine what kind of result you might get.
  • Fill up your bottle by heating the two reagents together.


  • Click on the red button to shoot fireballs to heat up your reagents.
  • Click on the blue button to shoot ice to cool down your reagents.



  • If you pick a regular runestone (Jera, Uruz, Fehu, Gebo), the more reputation it gives, the easier it is to overheat.
  • Using the Dragon Runestone will trigger certain animations. These animations will heat up your reagents to the ideal temperature until your bottle fills up. You do not have to do anything when using the Dragon Runestone.
  • The runestone must be heated and in the green zone to fill up the bottle.
  • Mixing will stop if all of the lights are red or gray.
  • The more lights that are green, the faster your bottle will fill up.
  • Fireballs will not always hit the runestone. If they don't, then the room bursts into flames, your meter goes up to 100, and you cannot do anything until it goes away.
  • Ice will not always hit the runestone. If it doesn't, then it freezes the bottle, your meter goes to -30, and you cannot do anything until it goes away.
  • Fireballs recharge, ice does NOT recharge.
  • Dragon Runestones never break.
  • You will NOT lose reagents if you fail.
  • Sometimes Lim appears to comment. Alina also gives advice.
  • There is a chance to receive the Derp Lim character page badge after mixing reagents.
  • Tips for making potions:
    • Go to the wiki page of the potion you want to make and look at its Base Level.
    • Select the appropriate rune that falls in line with the Base Level of the potion you want to make (for example, if the Base Level of a potion is Level 20, you pick the Rune of Uruz since it's used to make potions Level 16-25).
    • Use the ingredients listed on that page to try and attempt to make the potion (we've received complaints in the past before that the ingredients aren't correct so please keep in mind that they may not be correct. This is unfortunately out of mine and everybody's hands, I do not know the ingredients to every potion).


Note: If you know what kind of item you would like to make (potion/elixir/tonic), then do the following steps to have a very good chance to mix the type of item you want.

Note: Click on the "Help Please" button to proceed.

Thanks to ingomarelementary, TheHatter3721, and XPoint.

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