«Scene: black screen fringed by red»

Internal Security Monitor
Playback Sequence Active

«Scene fades»

«J6 takes the 58-Sr3»

«Screen flashes red»

«Robots appear from behind the piles of junk»

«J6 looks around»

«J6 tosses the 58-Sr3 in to the air»

«J6 pulls out his guns»

«Static fills the screen»

«Scene: the Hero, holding J6's guns, stands in the simulation room»

Ship: Playback Sequence Interrupted, Communications abnormality detected.

H.A.L.: Incoming message from Hyperium's Artificial Life…do you wish to resp --

«The Baron's face (stylized from MechQuest) appears on the monitor»

Baron: You! I ne- *crackle* Hero!

«Hero moves closer to the screen»

Hero: Are you talking to me?

Baron: I don't have *bzzzt* to talk! And the commu- *bzzztcrkl* -quency *garble* monitored.
Baron: Can you hear *bzzztkktch* static keeps interrupt- *bzzzt* audio and vid- *crackle* -nsmissions.
Baron: I hack *bzzzzt* A.I. so *tchkktchkt* talk to you without *bzzt* hearing *cracktkt*.
Baron: You are in danger! J- *crackletch* not to be trust- *bzzzt*

Hero: I can't make out what you're saying, you're breaking up!

Baron: *bzzzzzt* H.A.L., *crackle* -ing to stop *tchktktch* -to regain control.
Baron: He is installed *bzzzzt* EbilCorp *crackle* so much more now *bzzzt* altered it.
Baron: J6 *crackle* very old *bzzzt* -ry, very danger- *crackle*

Hero: Wait! What about J6? You said he was dangerous?

Baron: Yes. *bzzzt* plotting *crackletktkt* build- *bzzzzt* -mb! *bzzzt*
Baron: *crackle* detonates *bzzzt* galaxy *crakktktlt* shredded!
Baron: I will come *bzzzt* soon. *bzzzzt* is VITAL: remember, J6 is- *bzzzt*
Baron: Daaaaisy, daaaaaisy, give me your answer, d- *bzzt*

Hero: Wait! No! I need more-

«Static fades»

H.A.L.: I apologize for the technical difficulties. The glitch in the communications equipment has been repaired.
H.A.L.: Thank you. Please continue to the VR door to complete this mission.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: J6 in the Moon Yard»

«J6 jumps in the air»

«J6 shoots and destroys all of the robots»

«Scene fades»

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