Lost Boy
I'm scared. Are you *sniff* here to help?

- Akio's Quests

After completing the 'Find My Parents' quest:

Lost Boy
My Aunty and Uncle are still here, and they need your help! Go find them in town.

After completing the 'Clear the Way' quest:

Lost Boy
Much time has passed - you should go help!

- Go Now (Takes you to Screen 6)

After completing the 'Defeat the Nether Warlock' quest:

Lost Boy
The spirits are restless, and they need your help.

- Go Now (Takes you to Screen 11)

After completing the 'Anguish is the Worst'quest:

Fading Memory
I am no longer here. But if you would like to relive my memories, it will keep me here awhile longer before I fade.

- Akio's Quests

Location: Ghost Nexus
Note: Appears after completing the 'What's That I Hear?' quest.

Thanks to Sorokage.

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