Akiba Will Prevail


«Scene: Jaaku, riding a horse, stands on a ledge above his army»

Jaaku, the Shogun of Shadows, had long been in conflict with Akiba.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Akiban soldiers face off against Jaaku's shadow samurai»

He was destined to rule Yokai. This was what the shadows told him.
One by one, he conquered its villages, adding them to his ever-expanding empire.
Akiba would be the keystone that held it all together. If Daisho fell, then Jakku could take his place as Emperor of Yokai.
But its capture eluded him. Again and again, he attacked its gates.
And again and again Emperor Daisho's army pushed him back.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Jaaku leads his army onward»

But this time, that would change.

«Scene fades»

This time, he had a secret weapon.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Emperor Daisho, Ai No Miko, and some Akiba NPCs stand outside Akiba»

Emperor Daisho: More are coming in from the east! Don't let them flank us!

Ai no Miko: Jaaku's men outnumber us. We must call on our allies for help.

Emperor Daisho: Ha! They always outnumber us. And we always win.

«Daisho nods»

Emperor Daisho: You can trust me to protect Akiba, little Miko. Your father is telling you not to worry.

Ai no Miko: Well, the spirits are telling me that I should!
Ai no Miko: Jaaku is stronger this time. Something has empowered him.
Ai no Miko: I fear the outcome will be different this time.

«Daisho whispers to Ai no Miko»

Emperor Daisho: Only if we stay up here talking instead of fighting.

Ai no Miko: I hope you're right.
Ai no Miko: But I'm not taking any chances.

«Scene fades»

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