Akiba Guard

At Screen 1 (Left): raresmall.png

Defender Of The City
This year's Tournament fighters look a lot more dangerous than last year's… but NOBODY can defeat Ryoku. He's the greatest fighter that I've ever seen!

At Screen 1 (Right): raresmall.png

Defender Of The City
I look foward to the Dragon Koi Tournament every year! Someday, if I keep training, I hope to enter the tournament myself.

At Screen 2:

Defender Of The City
I don't recognize you. We don't get a lot of people from the main continent here on Yokai Isle. As long as you behave, you are welcome in Akiba.

At Screen 3:

Defender Of The City
I love pulling duty here in the Shopping District of Akiba. There is so much to see and buy! Obaasan sells house items and tells the best stories about Yokai, Nekomimi's cosplay shop always has the coolest costumes and Kunuichi may seem very serious but she cares a lot about the people of Akiba. That's why she teaches them to defend themselves.

Note: Must have Valencia's Wazikashi Hunt Started! raresmall.png in your inventory in order to access this dialogue.

You're looking for a katana? It's become sentient and it's been on a warpath all day around Yokai. It just floated by west of me a few minutes ago and started attacking some bamboo monsters. But, a few days ago, I saw a talking black cat that was guiding it around Akiba. It might be the culprit! You could try looking for the sword or the cat if you want more information. I need to keep guard here.


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