Air Show


«Defeated Chaos Lady Kimberly on her stage»

Kimberly: HEY! You fixed my head! Ever since Drakath came to me and sang that little Chaos Tune I've had it stuck in my head!
Kimberly: Thank you so much. It's been making me act all wonky-like. You know how bad it is to get a tune out of your head.

Hero: So you were under Drakath's control the whole time? You're not really chaotic?

Kimberly: Oh, sure I'm Chaotic… but I have my own plans. I might want to take over the world eventually… but now, I think I'd rather just ROCK! I won't be doing Drakath's dirty work any more!

Hero: Well, that will have to do.

Kimberly: OH! I still have a concert to play! THE SHOW MUST…. something something.

Hero: Good to hear! I'll let you get back to work.

Kimberly: NO WAY! You HAVE to stay on stage with me… and help me melt faces!

Hero: Really? AWESOME!

«Kimberly's band begins to play and their stage flies up, leaving fans on the ground below with a firework display. Cutscene ends»

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