«Scene: Mort and Swaggy»

Mort: Do you really think this will work?

Swaggy: I'm telling ya, the ladies won't be able to resist us!

«Darkness appears behind Swaggy and red eyes appear in said darkness»

Swaggy: …say, does it feel like someone's watching us?

«Scene: Shrade stands behind Swaggy and Mort»


«Voltaire appears, holding a bomb in his hand»

Aurelio Voltaire: Oh, no you don't!

«A puff of smoke appears»

Mort: (kaff kaff)

Swaggy: (kaff kaff)

«Scene moves out to show Swaggy, Mort and Voltaire in a smoke cloud»

Aurelio Voltaire: This way! Before the smoke clears!

Swaggy: You don't gotta tell US twice!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero, Voltaire, Swaggy, and Mort drive away in Voltaire's skull limousine»

Swaggy: So, what the heck WAS that back there?

Mort: It looked like Shrade. But… he isn't real!

Swaggy: He was US!

Hero: Well, since the last time we saw you, we found out that he IS…

«Scene zooms in»

Hero: …and he's been hunting everyone who was at Camp Gonnagetcha that night.

Aurelio Voltaire: Memet has retreated to the Nightmare Realm, Cysero's hiding upstairs in his Forge behind the Chickencow.
Aurelio Voltaire: That leaves the four of us — and boy is he mad at YOU two for impersonating him!

Hero: We've gotta get you out of here.

Mort: Pssh, whatever! I'm not scared of this guy. He should be scared of ME!

Swaggy: Yeah! Do we look like we're chicken?

«Shrade appears behind the group in the limousine»



«Scene fades to black»


«Scene fades»

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