AI Oh No Miko


Don't Look Down
You found me- but can you find all the errors left by EbilCorp and their Al Blender? If so, then keep your eyes peeled, and embark on my quest. Fair warning: if you fail and girlboss too close to the sun as Chairman Platinum did, I'll curse you with too much hair. You'll either drown in it, or just get another set of eyebrows like No Ma'am. Spa treatments won't be cheap.

- AI Oh No Miko's Quest

After completing the 'Glaring Errors' quest:

Don't Look Down
Congratulations on completing that little hunt. You have sharp senses, but never lower your guard. It'll get harder and harder to sus out fakes, so don't let yourself get outfoxed by thieves and frauds - especially if they look like me.

- Duplication Error Badge Shop

Location: Chairman Platinum's Evolving Environmental Art Gallery
Note: Appears after completing the 'Pull the Plug' quest.


Thanks to Tux47.

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