Agung Palakka

Prince of Wentira
Hail, warrior. I am Prince Agung Palakka. Your past accomplishments spoke for you in the royal court of Wentira, the golden city. For that reason, you're able to see Wentira's walls, while the unworthy can not. I discovered that a member of the royal guard dabbled in malicious sorcery to gain his rank. He is no longer worthy of Wentira, and I need help expelling him. I promise, you will be rewarded, and earn the right to enter the city itself.

I am the third child of the King of Wentira, a city of gold invisible to the eyes of all except the worthy. Only this monument can be seen by outsiders, and it has become the center of all sorts of legends. Some say that Wentira is a Djinn Kingdom and that making noise by the monument will gain your access. Ha, it is much harder than that! As for the insinuation that my people are Djinn, you will have to see for yourself in the future.

It has been generations since anyone from the outside was deemed worthy of seeing our golden walls. Your accomplishments reached the ears of my father, and we decided to allow you to discover our home. Being able to enter is another matter, and helping us expel this fallen warrior will be the test. Their dishonorable and underhanded conduct has made them unworthy of serving my father and the shelter of our gilded home.

The fallen warrior we wish to expel form Wentira dabbled in malicious sorcery to rise in rank and become close to the royal family. They consulted an expert in Santet and Pesugihan sorcery. Santet hexes inflict pain and death on the victim, while Pesugihan sorcery involves preying on the innocent in order to gain riches. This foul behavior is dangerous, and the warrior spread this knowledge to outsiders wishing to break in to Wentira.

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Location: Wentira


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